Update on the Pliny Brew Day



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A few weeks ago, I brewed my homage to Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing Company.  All went well with the brew day and now I am happy to report the beer is fully fermented and carbonated and resting happily on tap.

The beer came out at a pretty nice 7.09% ABV, which I was good with.  Most of the beers that I keg, I tend to prefer to be in the 7-8% range just because I tend to like to drink a couple beers a night and don’t want to regret the full pint pours the next day.

The beer came out very nicely, although it has some significant differences from Pliny the Elder.  The most notable difference in my opinion is the nose on it.  The pronounced hop character of pine and resin is muted quite a bit on my version.  My best guess on this is because of the hops I was using being different in terms of alpha acids and I did not do the calculations to balance the recipe versus what I had on hand.

I am actually O.K. with the diffences in the beers.  My intent with the beer was to be a nod to Pliny rather than a direct copy.  While I wouldn’t mind drinking Pliny that I brewed straight out of my taps, this is distinctively my beer.  I like the subtle differences.

I will take a better picture when the sun is out one of these days and repost.

Again, thanks for stopping by.  There will be more to come…

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