What does coming soonish mean?

This brewery has been an idea since before my very first batch of beer was brewed.  This brewery became a passion for me when I started working at Mikerphone with people who were as passionate about beer and producing a product that was and is getting better batch after batch.  I like hauling grain up stairs, I like graining out.  Most importantly, I love the process of producing something to share with my friends and family that I am proud to say is mine.

Right now, recipe creation is the number one goal for the brewery.  To build a catalog of successful recipes, in my opinion, is an important first step.  While I will always be experimenting with hops, yeast and malt combinations, having a winning starting point helps.  So that means lots of homebrewing.

Most recently, creating a middle coast IPA was a priority for me.  The most recent unnamed double IPA I created met my standards.  I see a middle coast IPA as a nice balance of both West Coast and New England styles.  A subtle but present bitterness with huge dry hop additions (triple dry hopped in this case) and an “expressive” (ie. Hazy) yeast.  The hop combination of Citra and Mosaic is a tried and true winner.  The variant this time was Comet hop additions in the whirlpool and dry hopping stages.  Comet provided a little bit of grapefruit rind like notes in both smell and finish to the beer.  When added in the boil, it tends to impart spice and grassiness which wouldn’t have worked with this beer.  Finished pictures to come soon.

So what does coming soonish mean?  It means that I am starting the process of making product I am proud to share with Kansas City.  The next step in making that happen is getting unbiased opinions.  So, you will see me at beer festivals this summer with my beer in hand.  Stop by and say hello and let me know what you think.

More to come…


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