Wedding Beers

Well, it is summer and with it comes weddings.  This year, one of my good friends, Will got married to his longtime girlfriend Kaylie.  They decided to have a small wedding with family and to have a party to celebrate a little bit later in the summer.  Will has always been a very enthusiastic supporter of the brewery and my dream of opening it.

For their wedding reception, Will and I discussed making a couple beers to help them celebrate.  Will is fond of farmhouse styles, while Kaylie favors hop driven beers.

After spending an afternoon doing our research (aka. drinking a bunch of different beers and pinpointing what flavor profiles we should shoot for) I created some recipes for their wedding beers.

For Will’s beer, I targeted a hybrid of Boulevard’s Tank 7 and Duvel’s Tripel Hop with Citra.  I attempted a to make a grain bill that I thought was similar to what Boulevard does with Tank 7 and used Duvel’s Belgian yeast strain

Will’s Belgian Blonde one the left and Kaylie’s IPA on the right.

to give it a nice banana and light clove flavor.  In combination with a generous Citra dry hop addition, the beer was a nice marriage (pardon the pun) of a Belgian and American beer.

Kaylie is a fan of a big, bitter IPA.  While I am also a fan of these beers, I have been drawn more recently to the big tropical fruit hop profiles and have enjoyed experimenting with those.  So, as a compromise I started with a traditional bittering hop (Magnum) to provide a bitter punch in the beginning and finish, but added large hop additions of Citra and Mosaic in the whirlpool and a huge double dry hop addition of Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Comet to build the tropical fruit notes.

The beers both turned out beautifully.  Additionally, this was Knotted Brewing’s first event for a larger group of people.  The feedback was very positive.  Thank you Will and Kaylie for allowing me to brew some beers to celebrate you two!  It was a fun project.

Next up, we have a lecture for the Knights of Columbus where I brewed a single beer and split the batch to showcase how yeast selection plays a critical role in the finished beer.  More on that later….

To see more pictures of the beer, check us out on Instagram at @knottedbrewing.

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